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Meet the NICE Guys.

Robert Winkel and Mark Compeer are the NICE Guys: the men behind NICE Developers. Their combined knowledge of project management, architecture and urban planning makes them a solid duo. A realistic perspective, pragmatic approach and fearless style typify their working methods, inspired by a mutual love for people, frustration with the status quo and great drive for action. With their five principles - Shared Values, Inclusivity, For the Neighborhood, Innovation in Timber Construction and Biodiversity - they create future-proof neighborhoods where there is a place for you, for me and for the bee. They are working exclusively on cities in which their own children and future generations can grow up and grow old healthily and safely. They followed through on this promise with their first and award-winning wooden building SAWA in Rotterdam's Lloyd Quarter, where architect Robert Winkel himself lives and works.

Team NICE.

Robert is a developing architect and with Mei architects & planners proved his qualities in the redevelopment of buildings and areas. Mark is originally a planner and sharpened his eye for the social significance of urban planning through his previous work as urban planning project manager for municipalities. 

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Mieke Winkel

PR & Marketing

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