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Van Boom tot Bouwplaats #2 Het Bos

Watch the second episode in the video series: Van Boom tot Bouwplaats (From Tree to Site).
During the construction of SAWA, Nice developers travels in the traces of SAWA's materials. We do so to see for ourselves how sustainable the production process actually is. Mark and Robert from Nice will seek answers to questions such as:
Where does SAWA's wood come from?
Does forestry take place in a sustainable way?
And how is the CLT produced in a sustainable way?

In the second episode of From Tree to Site, Mark and Robert travel to a sustainable production forest in NordRhein-Westfalen. Here, Landesbetrieb Wald und Holz explains to them how trees are cut down in a sustainable way and new forest stands create a more and more mixed forest, keeping the forest healthy, vital and productive.

Note: The series van Boom tot Bouwplaats is in Dutch.

Did you miss the first episode?

Watch episode #1, in which Nice visits Derix's timber factory in Westerkappeln:

Do you have a question about SAWA and specifically how it is built or produced?

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