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NICE Developers develops for a resilient and longer lasting world.

For founders and developers Robert Winkel and Mark Compeer, the change they are working on is both necessary and a mission in life. NICE Developers does not wait for this change, but actively contributes to it by proving that it is possible to develop and build differently. With the realization of Paris Proof residential buildings and their own (wooden) building concept for example.

For example, the award-winning residential building SAWA is the first circular wooden high-rise project in Europe. And more are to follow! Sustainability and social inclusiveness characterize these "NICE Buildings. Sustainability, through CO2 wood storage, use of recycled materials and a firm focus on climate adaptability and biodiversity. Social inclusivity, through participation with (neighborhood) residents, the creation of communal spaces and a mix of owner-occupied, mid-rent and social rental housing within one building.

With this bold approach, NICE offers an answer to the critical need of governments, corporations and property owners who also want to do better. 'The need is there. The viable business case is there. What are we waiting for!" said Robert and Mark.

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Focus on Impact

With Focus on Impact as a co-shareholder, NICE is part of a larger corporate partnership. As a result, NICE is concretely working as a timber construction developer to develop locations owned by Focus on Impact. For other sites, this partnership means that NICE has the ability to develop new projects on a risk basis and, if desired, act as an investor together with Focus on Impact.

Read the message: NICE receives capital injection from Focus on Impact.

Focus on Impact

Team Nice

A better world starts with yourself, but you make it together. NICE has a decisive team that works diligently together for a better, healthy, sustainable and more inclusive world.
  • 'Building better for people and climate can be done, because we are already doing it!'

    Paris Proof, because:

    Robert and Mark challenge the status quo, anticipate the impending standstill in concrete construction, and call for collaboration and a radically different approach. They don't just want to celebrate their own success, but share their knowledge and experience to inspire and help others do better. At a time when urgency prevails, they demonstrate that building better for people and climate is not just a vision, but a feasible reality.

    Robert can be reached by e-mail at r.winkel@nicedevelopers.nl or by phone at 06 20 53 84 16.

  • 'We put social added value over financial value for ourselves.'

    The public interest, because:

    Mark is a "native" planner with an eye for the social significance of area development. He specialized in inner-city redevelopment projects and worked as an area developer for several municipalities in the Randstad. He saw that things had to be done differently and joined forces with Robert: A developer who puts the public interest first.

    Contact Mark at m.compeer@nicedevelopers.nl or call Mark at 06 53 83 44 75.

  • 'You develop a good building not only for the user, but especially for the neighborhood.'

    For bonding with the neighborhood, because:

    By keeping an eye on all the factors at play within a real estate development, you create an optimal result. In our view, a development is only successful when both the user and the surrounding neighborhood have a meaning in the development.

  • In Rotterdam, we don't just say that we want CO2-reduction and circular building support, we really do. Let's build a better future together, because the future is now.

    Action-oriented thinking and action, because:

    In a world yearning for climate change, with less CO2-emissions and more biobased and circular buildings as solutions, we are ready. At NICE Developers, we embrace a progressive approach to wood construction, combining proven solutions with breakthrough innovations to optimize the use of wood and reduce reliance on concrete and steel. The results are there, the opportunities we like to create together.

    For more information, contact Peter at bd@nicedevelopers.nl or 06 5124 06 33.

  • 'Let's join hands, not each reinventing the wheel, but jointly building on the best initiatives and building a better future together.'

    Share and care, want:

    Trained as an architect, Mieke has explored and experienced the construction industry from various perspectives, ranging from designer and Architect to online pioneer and community manager. She eventually found her passion in communications and marketing. Thanks to her diverse background, she understands the nuances, senses the sensitivities of all parties involved and contributes to creating impact in team NICE by focusing on information, knowledge sharing and networking.

    Questions or requests regarding publications, project visits, interviews or other PR matters? Email Mieke at pr@nicedevelopers.nl or call her at 06 24 91 26 02.

  • Freek Boeijen
    Freek Boeijen

    CEO Focus, co-shareholder NICE

  • Frans Staals
    Frans Staals

    Founder Focus, co-shareholder NICE

Shaking hands?

Are you curious about our answer to your problem? Don't hesitate and get in touch. In our own cafe NICE Place we will serve you with love a cup of coffee, fresh beer and our progressive approach. Mail to info@nicedevelopers.nl for an appointment.


NICE Concept

Read and learn more about our unique NICE concept. It is more sustainable, circular, flexible and ... certified! Get ready for more impact.

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