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Timber construction is not a trend or experiment, but the future

With a proven wood building concept, NICE Developers proves that sustainable, circular wood high-rise buildings are well and beautifully possible. This new standard ensures Paris Proof residential buildings. So choosing the NICE Concept means choosing a better future.

Building in wood is much talked about and took off unprecedentedly in recent years. It is not a temporary trend, but a new way of looking, thinking and acting. This is confirmed by new laws and regulations worldwide. For example, the French government decided that all new public, state-funded buildings must consist of at least 50 percent wood. This is part of France's sustainability policy. The Amsterdam region is also implementing 20% of housing production in wood construction starting in 2025, rising to 50% in 2050. What is your ambition? And how will you realize this?

If there is still doubt or disagreement within your team or organization, now is the time to change that. Every municipality, housing association or investor who feels responsible for the future is still investing exclusively in Paris Proof residential buildings. In order to contribute to a sustainable future. With the goal: CO2 emissions, contribute to more biodiversity, realize accessible housing for all income groups, combat loneliness. These are all social issues of the present and the future.

The answer is NICE

To advance this change, NICE Developers developed the NICE Concept. This concept not only fulfills a housing need, but contributes to a better climate, biodiversity, health and social inclusiveness. They are gifts for the neighborhood, embraced by local residents. With this concept, NICE Developers answers the demands of municipalities, corporations, investors and residents.

NICE Building Chunk

Five essential features of the NICE Concept

  1. Climate Friendly
    Thanks to wood construction and the use of biobased and recycled materials, NICE Buildings have a lower footprint and save CO2 instead of emitting. In doing so, the NICE Buildings make a positive contribution to the climate...,
  2. Socially inclusive
    By uniting diverse income groups in a mix of affordable housing in the social and middle rental segment and free-sector housing, NICE contributes to a socially inclusive society. as. In addition to the housing offer, the emphasis is on community facilities to encourage encounters between residents and local residents, contributing to mutual responsibility and loneliness prevention.
  3. Promoting biodiversity
    By developing green buildings, we contribute to improving biodiversity. By incorporating abundant and appropriate selection of plants and nesting boxes into the building, NICE Buildings provide safe shelter and food for insects and birds.
  4. Future-proof and circular
    The NICE Concept is based on the principle of "open construction": a flexible system of columns and beams, creating maximum freedom of layout and making the buildings adaptable in the future. Moreover, the concept is circular: the buildings are demountable, allowing the materials to be reused in the long term.
  5. Feasible and fast
    Building in wood offers opportunities for a fundamental change in the development and construction chain, allowing the NICE Concept to be faster and competitive compared to traditional (concrete) construction. This effectiveness is supported by four key aspects:
    - acquired knowledge and experience and a proven timber construction concept;
    - chain integration between architect, developer, builder and timber supplier for
    efficiency and cost savings;
    - focus on quality improvement rather than profit maximization;
    - careful incorporation and active involvement of the neighborhood, making NICE Buildings a valuable and sustainable asset to the area.
NICE hand counting

NICE Concept: different forms and functions

The NICE Concept contributes to change and different types of models are possible within the NICE Concept. SAWA shows that the concept is realizable and feasible. After SAWA we worked out three efficient main models, namely a building in a disc model, a tower model and a 'chunk'. All these variants have the same basic principles: full wood structure for CO2storage, circular construction, exuberant greenery for biodiversity and well-being, affordable housing and common spaces for community building. Multiple functions are possible, with the building being developed initially as an office building, for example, and over time transforming into housing. Plus a mix of functions with living, working and amenities. An important general advantage of the NICE Concept is that at an early stage a quick scan (within four weeks) provides more insight into the development possibilities and financial feasibility.

Wondering if Wood Building is also possible at your location?

Let NICE do a quick scan and we will check within about 4 weeks whether the plan has a chance of success.

Building differently can and does start with your choice

NICE's wood building concept is innovative, sustainable, healthy and certified. It contributes to a healthy living environment for current and future generations, it is an important step in the (inter)national sustainability goals. It also proves that things can be done differently.

Do you also want to contribute to a better future and invest in homes that offer more than just living space? We see a future full of NICE Buildings and would love to tell you more about it.

Shaking hands?

Are you curious about our answer to your problem? Don't hesitate and get in touch. In our own cafe NICE Place we will serve you with love a cup of coffee, fresh beer and our progressive approach. Mail to info@nicedevelopers.nl for an appointment.


NICE Concept

Read and learn more about our unique NICE concept. It is more sustainable, circular, flexible and ... certified! Get ready for more impact.

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