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Check out our Paris Proof projects, designed and developed according to the NICE Concept.

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Eindhoven region

Around a historically valuable complex, we are adding "wooden neighborhoods." Through the synergy between the existing and the new, we strengthen the concept of care.

New construction
Approx. 10,000 m2
Living + facilities + care

Rotterdam region

On a future residential site, we are working on a study for a building suitable for workspaces/studio spaces and housing.

New construction
Approx. 7,000 m2
Working + living

Eindhoven region

In cooperation with a corporation, we are investigating the redevelopment of an existing area using the existing foundation and materials in the buildings there.

New construction
Approx. 8,000 m2
Residential (social)

The Hague region

A study of Paris Proof residential building in wood up to 100 meters high!

New construction
70 to 100 meters high
Housing (social, mid-rent and free sector) + work + facilities

Breda Region

Topping with wood construction on a recognizable and valuable building of the city of Breda.

Existing + new
Approx. 34,000 m2
Housing (social, mid-rent and free sector) + work + amenities

Rotterdam region

In collaboration with a housing association, we are working on the development of a new wooden building for social and care housing, using the existing foundation. Materials from the existing building will be harvested and reused in the new building.

Existing + new
Approx. 9,000 m2
Housing (social) + care

Rotterdam region

To an iconic building, we add new functions, collaborate with the water, and give the place back to the city.

Existing + new
Approx. 16,000 m2
Living + working + facilities

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