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Healthy living for all: affordable, biodiverse and neighborhood-oriented

NICE Developers offers residents future-proof residential buildings with a place for everyone. With healthy buildings and neighborhood amenities, we do more than just take up space. We are giving something back. Our residential buildings are firmly embedded in their surroundings and enter into an intimate relationship with them. By providing space for meeting and a mix of accessible rental and owner-occupied housing, for example. With integrated greenery for more biodiversity and climate adaptability. They are NICE Buildings, made to offer you a healthy future.

NICE gives something back to the neighborhood with green buildings

There is a severe shortage of affordable housing. Yet we must find the solutions to this in the existing city. That is the challenge we face. Therefore, in recent years - especially for people with lower and middle incomes - it has become increasingly difficult to find a house (for sale or rent).

Our solution? By ensuring a good mix of social, mid-rent and owner-occupied housing, we make living in our NICE Buildings accessible to everyone. With Paris Proof residential buildings, we also add more housing and more quality to neighborhoods, while engaging in dialogue with (neighborhood) residents. The neighborhood has a voice that we hear loud and clear and include in the development. With lots of green and outdoor space, we develop healthy wooden residential buildings that retain CO₂ and provide space for shared facilities (mobility, vegetable garden, tools), meeting and connection. The whole neighborhood benefits from this!

Good and healthy living for future generations

The answer is NICE

Building differently is important

We realized our wooden residential building SAWA by making the decision that it had to be there. By then pulling out all the stops with our partners to take this necessary next step in housing development. Much research, experiments, learning moments and successes later, we can confidently say that we know how to do it. That's why we developed the NICE Concept. More NICE Buildings are now in development.

Does our mission excite you and would you like to see more NICE Buildings in your neighborhood?

Does our mission excite you and do you want to see more NICE Buildings in your neighborhood? Shout it from the rooftops and share our story with others. Or take a look at our shop, for more products that support the NICE mission.

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NICE reports - Citizen Consultation

In a new episode of NICE Reports, Robert talks to four members of Rotterdam's Citizens' Climate Council. What do they think of SAWA? Watch the NICE Reports here.

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SAWA reaches the tenth floor!

SAWA is growing! And growing at an impressive rate. This week the tenth floor has already been reached. The stepped form, which characterizes SAWA, is now clearly visible, and from the shell homes it is easy to see what the stunning view will be, which the future residents will soon enjoy.

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Vacancy: medior project developer wood

NICE is immediately looking for a medior project developer wood construction. Are you the "nice" developer who wants to improve the world? Do you want to contribute to climate improvement (CO2 storage), circular building, inclusiveness and biodiversity? Do you prefer to walk in front of the troops rather than behind them? Then we would love to get in touch with you!

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Citizens' Climate Consultation at SAWA

Building a Greener Future for Rotterdam

By 2030, our streets and neighborhoods must be greener and healthier for all Rotterdammers. The City of Rotterdam is working hard to achieve this and has appointed the Citizens' Council on Climate. Last Saturday, the Citizens' Council visited SAWA for inspiration.

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Video retrospective: Start of timber construction SAWA

Construction at SAWA is in full swing and we look back at the special milestone on Monday, March 4, when Alderman Chantal Zeegers enthusiastically ushered in the start of wood construction.

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From left to right: Jeroen Heijdra (ERA Contour), Robert Winkel (Nice Developers + Mei architects and planners), Alderman Chantal Zeegers (Municipality of Rotterdam), Freek Boeijen (Focus on Impact), Bianca Seekles (TBI), Mark Compeer (NICE Developers).

Start of timber construction SAWA proudly ushered in by Councilwoman Chantal Zeegers

On Monday, March 4, Alderman for Climate, Building and Housing, Chantal Zeegers, gave the official go-ahead at SAWA for timber construction by hoisting the first wooden beam onto the columns. This special milestone for SAWA marks an important step toward innovation in the construction industry and a sustainable future.

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Campaign launch: the answer is NICE

NICE Developers, driven by an urgent call to contribute to the housing task as well as contribute to a better climate, proudly launches their new campaign, and at the same time different approach. How to do it better? The answer is NICE! With the introduction of the NICE Concept, the team is working on what they see too little in their sector: taking responsibility for a better future through innovation in construction.

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NICE Reports Bakkie Trots

NICE Reports - Bakkie Trots

In NICE Reports, our NICE guys, Mark and Robert, go out as reporters to interview professionals and experts on specific topics around wood construction, circularity and (nature) inclusivity, among others. In NICE Reports #1, Mark and Robert visit Iris Veentjer of Bakkie Trots in the Keilewerf in Rotterdam. Bakkie Trots makes coffee cups from local clay.

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Column: Gifts to the neighborhood

Give gifts to neighborhoods and accelerate the housing task. "More than 900,000 homes must be added through 2023," was the ambition of outgoing minister De Jonge. This week's broadcast of Nieuwsuur revealed that there is no insight into how far we are from realizing this ambition.

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SAWA shines as winner at two award ceremonies in Paris

Well before the construction of SAWA is even completed, the flood of awards for this revolutionary design continues. Following the project's success at the World Architecture Festival, the Architecture Masterprize, MIPIM / Architectural Review Future Project Awards, Iconic awards for Innovative Architecture and Green Good Design Awards, among others, SAWA's team picked up two prestigious international architecture awards in two weeks in Paris.

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Shaking hands?

Are you curious about our answer to your problem? Don't hesitate and get in touch. In our own cafe NICE Place we will serve you with love a cup of coffee, fresh beer and our progressive approach. Mail to info@nicedevelopers.nl for an appointment.


NICE Concept

Read and learn more about our unique NICE concept. It is more sustainable, circular, flexible and ... certified! Get ready for more impact.

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