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NICE Reports - Bakkie Trots

Jan. 24, 2024

In NICE Reports, our NICE guys, Mark and Robert, go out as reporters to interview professionals and experts on specific topics around timber construction, circularity and (nature) inclusivity, among others. They ask concise, targeted questions about how these experts, these "NICE people," view the topic at hand: what their point of view is, what they themselves contribute to it and how they see the current market situation and future. In NICE Reports #1, Mark and Robert visit Iris Veentjer of Bakkie Trots in the Keilewerf in Rotterdam. Bakkie Trots makes coffee cups from local clay.

Bakkie Trots works with local materials and resources, for the greatest possible connection to a place or city. And to stimulate the local economy. They produce their ceramics as sustainably as possible. They strive for zero-waste and use only existing materials. Clay from construction sites and earthworks, which would otherwise be disposed of, they bring to their studio - or clay cave, as they call it - and make beautiful bakkies from it.

And they not only make a beautiful product, they also want to use it to get people thinking. Being good to each other and our environment. That starts with thinking about the special place where we live together. Bakkie Trots is convinced that drinking from a tangible cup made from the soil you stand on helps increase that awareness.

Especially for SAWA, Bakkie Trots made coffee cups from clay released during the excavation of the elevator pit on the construction site. NICE Developers and ERA Contour donated these special cups to the future residents of SAWA.

SAWA Bakkie Pride

Do you also want such a unique Bakkie? Order them through the website of Bakkie Trots(www.bakkietrots.nl) and or order a unique SAWA set in our own webshop.

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