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Accelerating housing task & contributing to achieving climate goals

NICE Developers helps municipalities to quickly and effectively increase the housing stock while meeting the Paris Agreement. By developing Paris Proof residential buildings and area developments, together we create change. Are you striving for a healthy, future-proof city? A better future starts with yourself!

Change for municipalities is urgent. Climate legislation in Europe (following the Paris Agreement) requires governments to actively contribute to CO₂ reduction. The goal is to stay under the 1.5 degree temperature increase, but if we continue building in concrete at the same pace, we will already pass that limit in 2027! If municipalities build in a circular way, with bio-based materials and according to the European Sustainable Goals (ESGs), the set goals are achievable. In this area, there is still often a lack of knowledge and experience, but we can help! In fact, we do have this experience. Paris Proof building in wood is possible, because we already do it. Moreover, it does not have to have a negative impact on the land exploitation.

The urgency of more Paris Proof residential buildings is clear. In addition, issues such as more inclusiveness, participation, less loneliness and connection within neighborhoods are important to municipalities. What municipality does not strive for these? What municipality does not want to move toward a healthy, climate-adaptive, biodiverse and connected city for the future? But the most important question is: Which municipality acts on this need? Because that, of course, is what it's all about!

Our experience with wood construction allows us to develop faster and offer more added value over traditional (concrete) construction


With Paris Proof new construction or by opting for wood, we densify the existing city. Because of our focus on participation with (neighborhood) residents, we always do this with sufficient support. Through densification we contribute to the 15-minute city, in which residents find all facilities within their own neighborhood (a 15-minute walk or bike ride away). As a result, fewer traffic movements are needed, which contributes to CO₂ reduction. We involve the neighborhood from the beginning and, because of our experience with timber construction, are able to contribute quickly and efficiently to the densification task. All municipalities have to do is dare. Dare to ask this out in tenders and procurements. This requires ambition, vision and legal accuracy. This is where we can help. Not fear, but ambition helps us move forward. Fear of higher costs for timber construction, a negative effect on the GREX are not necessarily justified. So municipalities: take your responsibility! Let's reduce CO₂ emissions from construction and fulfill the agreements made in Paris.

Inner-city densification
and 0-objection from the neighborhood

The answer is NICE

Quick scan

We help municipalities act. We do this by performing a quick scan within four weeks, after which the feasibility of timber construction is clear. This can be for a residential building, but also for an area development. We advise municipalities, help draw up conditions for tenders and contracts. The result? More biobased buildings that store CO₂, are circular and make a positive contribution to the climate and the neighborhood.

The NICE Concept creates affordable, biodiverse and neighborhood-wide residential buildings as a gift to the neighborhood and city

We understand that a municipality does not own all the land and - for the healthy development of a city - also depends on other parties. But that in no way renders municipalities powerless. In fact, we see that good example follows good example. For example, what happens to the (re)development, construction or sustainability of municipal real estate such as schools and sports facilities? These are ideal places to make a statement. A statement for a healthy, green future for all residents.

Distinctive approach

What distinguishes our approach is that we work with Mei architects and planners to design at both the urban and building levels. We combine our extensive design knowledge with our knowledge of and experience with the development of areas and wooden buildings. SAWA's development makes us the leader in the Netherlands in the field of circular timber construction. We are also increasingly able to be price competitive with traditional concrete construction. Thus, the land price of the municipality does not come under pressure.

Do you want to know how you can realize wooden and circular residential buildings in your municipality that contribute to a better climate, good for people and neighborhoods? We are happy to discuss it and offer you our clear vision, and progressive ideas on a silver platter. We feel the urgency that you undoubtedly also feel, and are ready to develop more NICE Buildings.

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For the Municipality


Ongoing projects in various municipalities

By building in wood, we save CO2 In this way, we help municipalities meet the Climate Agreements. Area developments and buildings based on the NICE concept can invariably count on enthusiasm and pride from administrators and the civil service. We see this in practice in all municipalities where we are working.

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From left to right: Jeroen Heijdra (ERA Contour), Robert Winkel (Nice Developers + Mei architects and planners), Alderman Chantal Zeegers (Municipality of Rotterdam), Freek Boeijen (Focus on Impact), Bianca Seekles (TBI), Mark Compeer (NICE Developers).

Start of timber construction SAWA proudly ushered in by Councilwoman Chantal Zeegers

On Monday, March 4, Alderman for Climate, Building and Housing, Chantal Zeegers, gave the official go-ahead at SAWA for timber construction by hoisting the first wooden beam onto the columns. This special milestone for SAWA marks an important step toward innovation in the construction industry and a sustainable future.

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Timber production SAWA in full swing

SAWA's wood production is running at full speed. Last week, with the team from NICE and Mei architects and planners, we visited the Derix factory in Westerkappeln, just across the border in Germany, to experience the production process up close.

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Column: Gifts to the neighborhood

Give gifts to neighborhoods and accelerate the housing task. "More than 900,000 homes must be added through 2023," was the ambition of outgoing minister De Jonge. This week's broadcast of Nieuwsuur revealed that there is no insight into how far we are from realizing this ambition.

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Sustainable housing construction for every wallet

This is how you get it done

"Sustainable housing built from wood, surrounded by green public space, and accessible to people with large and smaller wallets. These three quirky developers are proving that it can be done."

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Full-page article about SAWA in the AD

"When the washing machine is running in the wooden residential tower SAWA, the rest of the building does not vibrate with it."

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Focus Real Estate, ERA Contour and Nice sign purchase and construction agreement for SAWA

Focus Real Estate, ERA Contour and Nice Developers have signed the purchase and construction agreement for the SAWA project in Rotterdam. Focus Real Estate will take delivery of 70 rental homes, including 50 mid-rent homes and 20 free sector homes.

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FD: all the check marks are for SAWA!

The FD Personal published yesterday's article on outdoor living in the city. SAWA graced in that article, with its striking enormous outdoor spaces rising to more than 100 square meters, as a laudatory example of how to live at height, with not only great views, but also contact with nature and outdoors.

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Focus Real Estate invests in 70 apartments in SAWA

On May 6, the environmental permit was granted by the Municipality of Rotterdam for the much-praised SAWA project. Since no objections were filed, the legal transport could take place in July.

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'A project like SAWA begins with ambition'

During the Week of the Circular Economy, the second City Magazine, an e-magazine of Circle City, was launched. In this edition you can read nine inspiring stories about circular building according to The New Normal.

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SAWA maquette to EXPO REAL in Munich

SAWA's wooden maquette is on its way to Munich, where EXPO REAL will take place from Oct. 4 to 6. This is the 24th edition of this international real estate fair.

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SAWA circular exemplary project of The New Normal

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Manifesto "Help build the healthy and shared city"

The end of the year is in sight and in the new year preparations for municipal elections begin. With the holidays approaching, we sent the Manifesto "Help build the healthy and shared city" to the members of the political parties in 20 largest municipalities with an urgent appeal.

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NICE Concept

Read and learn more about our unique NICE concept. It is more sustainable, circular, flexible and ... certified! Get ready for more impact.

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