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Financial Times NICE paves way to climate-conscious future

Sept. 19, 2023

Can the Netherlands lead the construction industry toward net zero? | FT Climate Capital

The UN has warned that energy consumption in the construction sector is unprecedented. 40% of global emissions are somehow linked to the built environment.

As architects and developers try to combine housing demand with attempts to make a profit, the industry is falling behind in the race to net zero, to climate-neutral building. But can sustainable building practices pave the way to a more climate-conscious future? Leyla Boulton of the Financial Times traveled to the Netherlands and spoke with Dutch architects/developers who are pioneers in the development of greener buildings, asking what the future of the construction industry should look like, according to them, and how we can make that radical change happen together.

Leyla spoke with Mark Compeer about SAWA and visited the SAWA construction site.

"The challenge for SAWA is to set an example that is impossible for mainstream developers and investors to resist."

Financial Times, Leyla Boulton

Mark explained in great detail why SAWA is such an important exemplary project and that we must and will develop more NICE Buildings if we are to build in the future.

"It's like a big containership that has to turn around. And that's not easy. That's the reason why you need start-ups, NICE Developers and other parties, who change the world."

NICE Developers, Mark Compeer

It's great to see how we - together with ERA Contour, Mei architects and planners, Gemeente Rotterdam - Stadsontwikkeling, and the entire team at SAWA - are setting an example for the Netherlands and beyond when it comes to building a more climate-conscious future. See the entire interview on "Green Building Pioneers" on the Financial Times website.

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