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SAWA wins Architecture Masterprize

Nov. 29, 2022

At the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the initiators of SAWA - Robert Winkel and Mark Compeer of Mei architects and planners and Nice Developers - proudly received the 8th architectural award for SAWA, for best Conceptual Architecture in the prestigious Architecture MasterPrize award competition in America. In the same week, at a festive ceremony, the symbolic starting signal was given for the construction of this very first 50-meter-high circular wooden residential building in the Netherlands. With this, the project team proves that SAWA is more than a pioneering and acclaimed concept, but also a feasible reality.

Architecture Masterprize

The annual Architecture MasterPrize (AMP) awards the very best in design excellence and innovation from the disciplines of architecture, interior and landscape design. The awards program is designed to highlight exceptional talent and its value to the quality of our lives and those of future generations. Winners were selected by an international jury of renowned architects, academics and industry experts.

In addition to the visually striking designs, the judges were impressed with the way the award-winning entries demonstrated an amazing balance of form and function:

The capabilities demonstrated by this year's entries are sure to inspire the next generation of architects. Their work today will resonate into the future, as the works also reflect an increasingly important focus on sustainability.

Even before SAWA is actually built, the project wins eight prestigious international architecture awards. 'This international appreciation strengthens our team that we are truly working on something exceptional,' said Robert Winkel. 'The conviction and decisiveness to not only design but also realize a revolutionary concept like SAWA is fueled by the ambition to contribute to reducing CO2-emissions, enhancing biodiversity, achieving (inter)national climate goals and creating affordable housing at the same time. With SAWA we are developing a new icon for the city of Rotterdam. An example for future generations of builders and developers.'

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