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SAWA sales event big success

Nov. 17, 2021

The 39 homes for sale in SAWA have been on sale for a week now! Last Friday, November 12, over 200 potential buyers attended the sales event, which took place in time slots spread throughout the day in our office café Nice Place. Present were developers Nice Developers and ERA Contour, as well as Kettner Makelaardij and Mei architects and planners, to answer any questions from interested parties. The event was organized by De Wijde Blik Communicatie.

During the event, the brand new sales brochure, which was made of "growth paper" with flower seeds, was distributed to visitors. There was room to ask questions about living in a sustainable, wooden building - both constructionally and financially. And a large screen allowed visitors to walk around the building and through their preferred home in VR. This gave interested parties a clear picture of, for example, the vibrant common deck, its placement in the environment, the light and the insane views over the water. Each epoch ended with a visit to the site, where construction of SAWA will begin in the second quarter of 2022.

Did you miss the event but would like to live in SAWA? Then you can check the digital home finder for all the different home types and floor plans. You still have until noon on Nov. 24 to register for a home, at www.woneninsawa.nl.

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